Yesterday I asked:

Today’s social media systems discourage (most) independent thinkers from sharing their views openly. Twitter and Facebook encourage confirmation bias, sharing thoughts that reinforce our tribe’s beliefs because that leads to ❤️’s and less trolling.

I’ve often thought of creating a pseudonymous Twitter account where I can speak more honestly and I think we’ll see more people head in this direction (on and off Twitter) as reality looks more like Ready Player One.

This piece on the rising opioid crisis is heartbreaking:

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing job, parents, friends, etc. but I still often fantasize about escaping life’s responsibilities (and sometimes do through safer activities, e.g. attending a music festival). I can imagine how one would turn to opioids under different circumstances even when they know it might result in death. 🙁

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My parents visited for a few days while on their way to Palm Spring. Mom left me with this.

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