Yesterday I asked:

Today’s social media systems discourage (most) independent thinkers from sharing their views openly. Twitter and Facebook encourage confirmation bias, sharing thoughts that reinforce our tribe’s beliefs because that leads to ❤️’s and less trolling.

I’ve often thought of creating a pseudonymous Twitter account where I can speak more honestly and I think we’ll see more people head in this direction (on and off Twitter) as reality looks more like Ready Player One.

This piece on the rising opioid crisis is heartbreaking:

I’m very fortunate to have an amazing job, parents, friends, etc. but I still often fantasize about escaping life’s responsibilities (and sometimes do through safer activities, e.g. attending a music festival). I can imagine how one would turn to opioids under different circumstances even when they know it might result in death. 🙁

My parents visited for a few days while on their way to Palm Spring. Mom left me with this.

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Just finished reading this piece by Chris Dixon on why decentralization matters and the rise of cryptonetworks:

While open to interpretation, the last major platform shift was mobile about a decade ago. Entrepreneurs and investors can benefit tremendously from these transitions as new opportunities arise. I’m currently exploring this space from both sides, looking to meet smart technologists to invest in and identify use cases where crypto/blockchain tech might support our mission at Product Hunt.

ICYMI, I wrote a piece on this topic last month:

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